Saturday, 23 November 2013

I'm a vulcan, cheeseballz!

So I briefly mentioned in my last blog post that I had something I wanted to share with you guys once it had been set completely in stone, and the day has come for me to tell you (finally!).

It's quite a funny story in the fact that it started at one of my shifts at the hotel I work for (oh, the cliché waitress wanting to become something bigger...), completely out of the blue. Not to mention the fact that I'd been begging God beforehand to make it so that I didn't have to do this goddamn shift! I kind of find it near enough impossible to say no to a shift if I know I can make it, even if I have loads of work to do. Luckily, this one particular time it was worth me saying yes to, and not just for the money...

Okay, I know I'm teasing you, I'm sorry.

Basically I was helping with a function and one of the gentlemen there had had one glass of wine too many, and tried guessing where I was from and what I was studying at university. And when I told him I study Aerospace Engineering he completely sobered and said, "It's funny you should say that, because all joking aside I'm the PR for Vulcan to the Sky Trust", and he gave me the offer to work for the trust there and then!

For those of you who don't know, the Vulcan to the Sky Trust is a charity sponsored by companies like BAE Systems, and operate the last flying Vulcan bombers that were used by the RAF between 1960 and 1993. The whole thing started off as just a £1 bet in a pub, and now the charity have been flying the aircraft in air shows all over the country for what will be six years in the summer. Unfortunately, either 2014 or 2015 will be the last time the Vulcan XH558 flies, and so this is a fantastic opportunity that will never come around again.

I wanted to wait and make sure that I definitely was going to get this experience before telling you guys, especially after how excited I'd been about that internship I was offered in India last year that never came about, and now I know for sure it's gonna happen!

Today I went to the Vulcan hangar in Doncaster to meet the other trustees, crew and volunteers of the trust, and guess who ended up falling in love:

The Vulcan XH558

"The Spirit of Great Britain"
Isn't she a beauty!

A long story short, today was amazing, and I am truly in awe of what these people have done and carry on to do. I can hardly wait to start working with the team next month.

In the meantime, I'm going to be brushing up on my Vulcan history by reading this:

Hope you're all having a great weekend, and I'll be sure to post sometime soon (hopefully with a short story or something!).

But for now, keep smiling!