Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Looking back...

I've started having a digital clear out. In other words, sorting through all my files on my laptop and back up disks and getting rid of...well...garbage. And boy, have I found some rubbish; I've already got 1,146 files in my Recycling Bin!

But as much rubbish and duplicates of files as I've found, I have also found a heck of a lot of old memories, and I've come to the conclusion that I was...erm... I've improved with age. And I'm not talking about looks - this photo of the year 7 hockey team will prove that:

See? Still got the gap the size of a Mars bar between the teeth.


The difference between Lil Claire here..........................and Pain-In-The-Butt Claire here is the level of awesomeness they have. Lil Year 7 Claire was...bland. She was a major swot, wouldn't dare say "boo" to a goose, and her fashion was that of a typical person her age. She tried to follow the crowd and so freakin' awkward it was painful. The poor girl didn't understand there was such thing as a food chain in high school and that she was at the very bottom of it. Hell, one of the first days of high school she got called a slut and had to ask one of the popular girls what one was:
"Oh my God, you don't know what a slut is?"
"What is it?"
"It's a tart."
"Oh. Erm...what's a tart?"
Yeah, that popular girl was quite bewildered by how sheltered I was. Did she really think I'd be asking her what a slut was if I knew what it was? Moron...

And then I came across this video from Summer School. Now if there was one thing I wish I could change about myself, it is my inability to talk very well. Everyone goes on how they wish they could change their nose or their legs or some other physical thing about them, but I've always known I was perfect, and that's not ego talking, that's fact. It's just talking I'm useless at. I stammer and trip over my words and...well...I sound like a dufus. It's annoying because I can hear myself and it's just like, "God, Claire, why can't you just say what you're trying to say already?!" and it can be really frustrating, especially when you have to do oral presentations in front of people. Then I watched this video:


First thing's first: how the HELL did we come up with the team name The Goombas? Secondly, the transition timings were awful; you could tell we were a bunch of amateur 11- and 12-year-olds! And finally...holy maggots I was a heck of a lot worse at talking back then than I am now. At least you can actually hear me these days (although maybe that's not such a good thing). I guess I could've been worse; anyone remember Gareth Gates?


Poor lad. I would probably want to stay home from school all the time if my stammer was that bad.

Pain-In-The-Butt Claire started to bloom near the end of Year 9 as she chilled out a little and properly settled down with a group of friends. She started an interest in funky socks, and then before you knew it: BOOM! She evolved into the weirdo everybody knows and loves now! Yayyy!

So what was the actu
Congratulations! Your little innocent Claire has evolved into...this! Eh!
al point in me showing stupidly embarrassing videos and photos of me? I guess my point in this post is that...things change. People change. Sure, I used to be a super-skinny, quiet little kid who denied who she really was so that she could try and fit in with the crowd, but despite us looking the same, I'm completely different to her. Although I do wish I was still as nerdy and motivated as she was at times!

Because people change, it's sometimes a good idea to bury the hatchet with people who have hurt us. Who's to say that they are the same people they used to be? Who's to say they will hurt us again? Maybe they've learned their lesson, or gotten the help that they needed. Yeah, some people don't change their ways and will hurt us again given the chance. If they blow it, fine. But what if they don't?

I'm gonna take my own advice and clear the air with someone who used to be one of my best friends, someone who I have really missed. If there's someone you have fallen out with or just haven't spoken to in a while, sort it out.

God, that got a bit heavy! Here's an old goofy photo of me to lighten the mood. Keep smiling, guys!

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  1. I love all these pics and getting a glimpse into the life of one of my best blogging friends :)