Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Help Eastsiders get the Kickstart they need!

"Eastsiders" is a new webseries written, produced and directed by Kit Williamson following the aftermath on a gay relationship when Cal (Williamson) finds out his boyfriend of four years, Thom (Van Hansis) has been carrying on an affair behind his back. With drunken rows and the side story of Kathy's (Constance Wu) frustrating relationship with boyfriend Ian (John Halbach), the first two episodes have been viewed 53,857 times on YouTube alone (I've posted both episodes at the bottom of this post).

Unfortunately, they need money to keep on going with this season. On Kickstarter Kit Willamson explains:

So far they have raised over $4000, but they still need all the money they can get. So feel free to make a contribution, like me, to help them out.

Thank you, and enjoy the first two episodes.

Keep smiling!


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