Thursday, 1 November 2012

Trick or Treat alright!

Well I had a good Halloween


I am gutted! I'm so gutted! I've been excited for ages because I designed this really awesome outfit which I really wish I had a picture of but I really don't, and I had made these awesome black ribs to attach around my own ribcage (hmm...could possibly have done with a spine though...) AND a top hat...only for me to fall really ill and just be too dizzy and bleh to do anything. I have been waiting a little under two years to wear that damned outfit.

What a loser!

Yes I mean me- NO! I mean the whole thing is a loser. And then the next day? I feel fine as long as I'm drugged to the eyeballs with Paracetamol and Migraleve! I still have a sore throat, but whatever - the point is that I'm fine now! Why wasn't I yesterdayyyy?! If I'd been fine yesterday, I wouldn't have wasted the £5 I spent on my ticket for the Halloween Bar Crawl, and when I got back I would've been able to write the first lot of my story for NaNoWriMo! But no, wasted fiver, no story...this sucks...

So that was the trick, and what an awfully evil trick it was!

The treat was a splendid one of kinds - I went home during the weekend. I got to see my beloved mum, brother and grannyma, and also see a few of my friends as well, which is always heartwarming. Not to mention my dog has missed me so much - he basically jumped in my arms the first time he saw me!


I also got to go see Lawson, Amelia Lily and The Wanted in concert, which was awesome (even met Amelia Lily in person...NEXT TIME IT'S LAWSON!!!!!).

I also got to see my favourite club again for a friend's 19th birthday party - The Warehouse. Oh Warehouse, how I've missed you! In Leicester there's a place called Mosh that's supposed to be like Warehouse, but I haven't been yet - I've actually been really tied up with uni work. Anyway, I saw even more of my delightful fwiendies there, so I was thrrrrilled.

And then on the Monday after lectures, I took the train again to see Michael McIntyre with Mother, Brother and Rachel (Lady In Red...that song is just beautiful...I meant the one in red in the pictures). We weren't allowed to take pictures, but I have his book signed:

But yeah, I'm still complaining about missing Halloween due to illness. At least I had 'The Shining' to cheer me up.

Oh well.

It was Proteus today, and my play was performed. I was going to record it for you guys, but alas I left my camera in the Halls. I was quite impressed by how well the director and the actors portrayed what had started off as just a tiny little idea in my head, and I am very grateful to them for putting so much in for such a short play. So if you three read this, thank you.

And tomorrow is the 24-hour play: a famous thing for LUTheatre where they have 24 hours to choose/write a play and then cast, direct and rehearse it to perform to an audience! Oh my God, I'm gonna die all over again!

Anyway, I'm gonna stop rabbiting on now. I have another story coming up. It's nearly done, so I'll hopefully have it up before I start this 24-hour business!

Keep smiling!

Claire x


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time my friend!! :)

    1. I did, thanks. But I sure as hell paid for it afterwards - my symptoms all pointed to the flu, so I was not a happy bunny!